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Our Approach

Piano Playtime offers a unique music education experience using peer group motivation and a playful approach to teach children the piano. The program is based in traditional piano pedagogy while being fun, convenient, and affordable. The program reaches younger children on their level using an age-appropriate curriculum and color coded system, workbooks, songs, props and improvisation to keep them engaged. Lessons for older children include traditional studies of notation, theory, and staff music, which is easily transferable to other instruments. This approach gives students a solid foundation of musical knowledge, while balancing these concepts with a lighthearted, exciting tone to keep their attention. Group classes never have more than 3 students, which is the lowest student-teacher ratio for ancillary programs. This allows for individual attention as well as peer response.

About Us

When teacher and musician Molly Howard founded Piano Playtime in the Boston area, she hoped to reach young students to instill a love of piano that would last a lifetime and benefit them on many levels. The enthusiastic response that she has received has been overwhelming, showing a strong need for music in the lives of children and families.

Piano Playtime founder Molly Howard is a classically trained and accomplished pianist who has studied extensively with renowned instructors. She has played the piano since 1985, and performed in numerous competitions and recitals including the National Piano Guild. In addition to piano, she plays guitar, cello, and drums. Though she is an accomplished and versatile musician, she has found teaching to be her true inspiration. Miss Molly has taught group and private lessons since 2003 and has brought piano lessons to over 100 schools. 

After extensive experience teaching and managing piano programs, including a position as Regional Director, Molly decided to merge her passion for the piano and teaching with her business knowledge to start a new company. The program continues to expand while maintaining a meticulous focus on the learning experience of each student through hiring extraordinary teachers, honing a strong curriculum, and giving children and parents individualized attention. Piano Playtime integrates seamlessly into schools, becoming an essential enhancement to the curriculum, not merely an extracurricular activity.

Contact Piano Playtime owner Molly Howard at 617-999-8794 or for more information or to bring Piano Playtime to your school.